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Culture made actionable to drive sustainable business performance.​

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Lumin is a pioneering culture and performance diagnostic solution; illuminating the opportunities to strengthen alignment between your brand, your people and your customer; uniting your organisation to drive sustainable performance collectively.  

Powered by research. 

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Driven by experience.

Generates actionable insights for your culture.

The big idea.

Lumin is a research-driven model that helps bring clarity to the links between culture and performance. An objective culture diagnostic solution that inspires, unites and empowers people and organisations to turn insights into action

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To find out more speak with one of our expert consultants. 


How does it work? 

Lumin is a diagnostic approach that enables you to make culture an actionable asset, to drive higher performance.


A simple, modular approach means you can do all 3 steps or just Step 1 as each step provides valuable outputs. 


An expert dragonfish Culture & Performance Consultant will work with you to support and guide you throughout. 

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Simple 3 step process

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A thorough assessment of your current culture, grounded in your organisational context and environment.

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A detailed exploration of the opportunities areas; determining priorities and potential solutions.

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An action plan to mobilise, empower, measure and lead impactful initiatives to drive the desired culture change.

Ready to learn more? Download our comprehensive Guide to Lumin. 

Designed to make culture actionable.

"We developed Lumin to help organisations navigate this exceptional era we are living and working in. To ignite teams and organisations to actively manage culture themselves through some of the challenges we know are present, from attracting and retaining talent to enacting new growth strategies and transformation. Lumin is designed to empower organisations."

 Niall Cluley, MD & Chief Culture Officer,

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“We have worked with a number of consultancies, and what has been a stand-out in the dragonfish approach is the way they have been highly pragmatic around their insight and actions."

 Antony Jenkins, CEO and Founder of 10x Technologies

Features & Benefits

Complement existing data

Already measure employee engagement? Lumin can work alongside your current engagement measurement solution to enhance depth of insight, and illuminate culture blind spots. 

Illuminate Culture Blindspots

Most engagement surveys will highlight the People element of culture - Lumin ties in the Brand and the Customer to complete the picture. 

Drive Action 

Providing actionable insights, highlighting areas for improvement or innovation, guiding decision-making processes through prioritised recommendations.

Expert Guidance & Support

Our award-winning, diverse team are with you every step of the way. When you choose to work with our team, know that you are consistently choosing quality and excellence. 

Powered by Research 

Ground-breaking research with over 6,000 organisations across 27+ sectors (working with Universities and industry Regulators)

Easy to Use 

Featuring clear, concise questions, logical flow, user-friendly design, and intuitive navigation.

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Why not give Lumin a try yourself?

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