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Culture made actionable, to drive high-performance.​

Lumin is a diagnostic approach to measuring culture, designed to be simple and easy to implement. 


Underpinned by groundbreaking research and award winning experience a modular, three-step process lasting up to 12 weeks will take you from assessment to actionable roadmap. 


Combining data-driven insight with expert culture consultant analysis, Lumin offers a comprehensive solution.


Learn more about the full diagnostic approach.

The modular approach means you can choose to do all three steps or just start with Step 1, as each step provides valuable outputs that help move towards making your culture a manageable asset to drive high performance.

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Why measure culture?


Culture can be considered an ecosystem of measures across Brand, People and Customer that together drive behaviours, decisions and value creation in an organisation.


Your business culture can be seen in the experiences your people and customers have every day. It is more than ‘how things get done around here’ and it is more than a simple set of behaviours. 


No matter your role, culture can be an enabler or a hindrance to achieving outcomes.


Managed effectively, like any other organisational asset, it becomes the key to unlocking high performance.


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Many companies look at employee engagement in an attempt to improve their culture, but this can be a limited, one dimensional view. The top 20% of high performing organisations* don’t just focus on engagement, they create true alignment.​


Harnessing the links between their Brand, People and Customer, culture becomes a positive enabler for change, transformation and sustainable growth - delivering for all stakeholders. ​

Culture is the key. Is your focus..

  • Enacting a new strategy for growth?

  • Retaining and attracting the best talent? 

  • Supporting your people to embrace transformation?

  • Improving decision-making in line with regulatory needs?

  • Developing a brand identity that truly reflects 

  • the DNA of the company?

With competing business priorities, understanding and influencing culture can be challenging, often leaving it unmanaged. 


Lumin allows you to define culture in a practical way, understand how to optimise it and achieve improved business outcomes.

Already measure employee engagement? 


Lumin can work alongside your current engagement measurement solution to enhance depth of insight. Most engagement surveys will highlight the People element of culture - Lumin ties in the Brand and the Customer to complete the picture. 

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How does it work?


Lumin is designed to take you from assessment to an actionable roadmap for culture change to drive improved business outcomes. Combining data-driven insight with expert culture consultants in three simple steps.


Following Step 3 of your Lumin journey you will have:


  • A full set of benchmarked results, key drivers and emerging Strength & Opportunity areas (from Step 1),

  • Defined and prioritised Culture Opportunity areas, with inspiring best practice solutions (from Step 2),

  • A co-created roadmap for change and an energised set of leaders (from Step 3). 


You will be set up for success in driving positive culture change. Step 1 can be repeated as part of ongoing transformation, to measure and benchmark progress over time. 


Lumin elevates culture to a measurable and manageable asset and sets you on the path to improved business results


Why not give Lumin a try yourself?

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