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What we do

Everything we do is underpinned by a smart, pro-active blend of research and real-world experience. We know that people drive performance and actively managing your culture is the best way to unlock their full potential. That’s why culture is a competitive advantage across every sector, driving short-term performance and long-term success.

At dragonfish, we complement our insight with data-led diagnostic tools and in-depth qualitative research; helping leaders understand their organisation's culture, shape its evolution and drive sustainable growth.

We have a rare mix of customer strategy, people strategy, organisational psychology, employee wellbeing and hands-on change management experience in the team, which gives us three areas of unique skills and expertise:  


Developing your culture, vision, purpose and values

We build culture alignment and deliver behaviour change across organisations by defining vision, purpose and values frameworks and embedding them across the employee experience.

  • Leadership alignment

  • Vision, purpose and values development

  • Team engagement to build ownership

  • Behavioural frameworks to
    drive performance

  • Culture roadmaps for embedding change

  • High-impact creative communications 

  • Strategic narratives/ storytelling tools

  • Culture training and manager toolkits

  • Measurement design and success scorecards

We help organisations to unlock performance by aligning your customer offer with your people promise to drive engagement, deliver enhanced experiences and improve employee and customer satisfaction.

Through an enhanced due diligence offer and a tried-and-tested framework, we help organisations on either side of
a deal to prepare, execute and realise the benefits of successful cultural integration.

  • Culture assessments (diagnose maturity and compatability)

  • Existing culture framework mapping

  • Leadership team and key employee capability profiling

  • 'Flight risk' management with effective retention strategies

  • Culture integration roadmaps

  • M&A communication planning

  • Leadership culture coaching

Assessing cultures for mergers and acquisitions

  • Customer and employee experience mapping, alignment and optimisation

  • Service culture design – principles, behaviours and signature moments

  • Internal brand alignment and engagement

  • Employee experience embedding

  • Building customer-centric cultures

  • Embedding customer segmentation in front-line teams

  • Customer empathy and experience masterclasses


What makes our approach so effective?




Research is in our DNA

Grounded in our own unique research, we use the most up-to-date insight on the links between people, brand and customers to ensure everything we do drives high-performance, results and demonstrates a real commercial difference.

Long-term partnerships

Diving deep into your organisation, to ensure we have the knowledge and insight to help shape your future culture journey, we pride ourselves in becoming a trusted advisor helping you reach your ambitions.

A powerful combination

Our culture, people and diversity of experience is a winning combination that enables us to light the way and truly understand all the interlinking components of how to improve performance through culture.

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