Research is in our DNA

Research is in our DNA

Since 2017, over 5,000 organisations across 27 different industries have been involved in our independently commissioned research. The purpose of our principal ‘Cracking the Culture Code’ studies, in partnership with The Market Research Group at Bournemouth University, is to answer these burning questions: What do high-performing cultures have in common? How do you prove the link between culture and performance? How do you measure culture?
Our research enabled us to identify over 40 common attributes of organisational culture that have the strongest relationship with perceived superior business performance. By grouping these attributes of high-performing organisations into 4 key areas, we developed our maturity model, supported by a set of data and benchmark from global organisations, to measure your organisations cultural maturity against.
We deepen our discovery activities by combining our expertise and insight with data-led diagnostic tools and in-depth qualitative research. Our data-led tools can be used as part of a project, as stand-alone culture diagnostic audit or a regular pulse check. 

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Culture & Performance Diagnostic

A 44-question anonymous survey to measure the cultural maturity of your organisation against our data and high-performance benchmark.


For Executive teams looking for objective evaluation and board-level analysis of their culture.


Used to fuel decision-making on culture alignment as a lever for high performance and customer growth.

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Brand Alignment Diagnostic

A 28-question survey to measure levels of internal brand alignment against high-performing organisations.


For executive teams looking for board-level analysis of internal brand alignment.


An opportunity to connect your employees to your vision, purpose, values and behaviours, creating high-performing teams.

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Customer Alignment Diagnostic

A 22-question survey to measure the levels of customer alignment in your organisation against our data.


For executive teams looking for objective evaluation to fuel decision-making on customer alignment.


An opportunity to create a truly customer-centric organisation that delivers high performance and customer growth.

The methodology

Our research approach uses online panel based quantitative surveys, factor analysis to identify commonalities and regression analysis (using structural equation modelling; SEM) to estimate relationships between factors. Here’s our research journey to date: