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Research is in our DNA

Our Culture Research

Managing the links between your people, brand and customer is the key to sustainable growth.


Motivated to make culture more tangible, understanding more about culture alignment, performance sentiment, and to identify the attributes of high performance, our annual ‘Cracking the Culture Code’ research series has…

-        engaged employees (at all levels) from over 3,800 organisations in the last 4 years

-        across 20+ sectors

-        with a standard index of 45 questions and a broader set of 160 deep dive questions

-        correlated attributes of culture with performance

For the first time we are able to understand what high-performing organisations are doing differently, to understand the attributes that contribute to their success.

What we found

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But the biggest difference between low-performing and high-performing organisations can be found in the strength of brand and customer alignment.

We then explored these further in a 2.0 Culture Code study focussing on Brand Alignment and our 3.0 Culture Code study on Customer Alignment.
*Sales growth of more than 20% YOY, 3+ years of consecutive growth, reputation considered ‘excellent’.

How to use the research

So, what does all of this mean, and how can it support your organisation’s journey to high-performance?

Our researched is aimed at:

-        Strengthening the links between people, brand, customer and performance

-        Aligning your leaders, teams and individuals to deliver sustainable growth

-        Understanding cultural insight, data and the action to take to support strategic challenges, including mergers and integrations

Our research in action

Medium-sized legal firm – Merging two successful cultures.
Following a merger of two medium sized legal firms and creating one of the largest legal firms in it’s region, they were looking to integrate and align two successful cultures.
This was seen as integral to delivering the new strategy, brand, and shaping the evolved customer experience.
Using dragonfish culture research, a pulse survey was conducted, providing an internal benchmark for future pulses, and benchmarked against other professional services firms to identify key actions across people, brand and customer to increase alignment and drive performance.
A fully bespoke and autonomous survey enabled the firm to gain insight that was invaluable in shaping their own unique way of working (including strategy, purpose, and values and behaviours).

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