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Creating a culture to maximise performance enabling future ambition.

The Challenge

P2i is a global leader in liquid repellent nanotechnology. Founded in 2004, P2i works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to enhance devices by enabling them to survive liquid exposure from everyday accidents and environmental conditions.


Dragonfish partnered with the global leader in liquid repellent nanotechnology to define a culture that maximises performance and enables them to deliver on their ambitions and exciting growth opportunities within the consumer electronics industry.

The Solution

  • Utilising a blend of their employee engagement data and dragonfish’s culture and performance diagnostic, supplemented by a leadership discovery workshop to gain a solid understanding and assessment of P2i’s culture including gaps and opportunities.

  • Thorough and robust vision and purpose development through engagement with the CEO and board which involved strategising, challenging, surfacing misalignment and ultimately creating collective ownership and buy-in to the new direction which became the cornerstone of the desired culture.

  • Globally inclusive but lean top-down and bottom-up approach to defining the values and behaviours that matter to achieve the vision and strategy and enable a high-performance culture.

  • Alignment of the culture blueprint to P2i’s safety and security behaviours framework.

  • Detailed launch and engagement roadmap which clearly outlined the steps needed to successfully roll out the culture blueprint and begin to embed the desired culture and behaviours across the organisation.

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Our Impact


There were a number of significant positive changes and achievements enabled through this work, including; the shareholder target of Unicorn valuation achieved after successfully launching their new IPX8 technology. As well as security and safety issues resolved through culture and behaviours design and the top drivers of productivity and engagement in employee survey related to brand alignment and customer alignment - “I feel I can play a part in shaping the future of the business” scored +2 high-performance benchmark.

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