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What we do

Everything we do is underpinned by a smart, pro-active blend of research and real-world experience. We know that people drive performance and actively managing your culture is the best way to unlock their full potential. That’s why culture is a competitive advantage across every sector, driving short-term performance and long-term success.

At dragonfish, we complement our insight with data-led diagnostic tools and in-depth qualitative research; helping leaders understand their organisation's culture, shape its evolution and drive sustainable growth.

We have a rare mix of customer strategy, people strategy, organisational psychology, employee wellbeing and hands-on change management experience in the team, which gives us three areas of unique skills and expertise:  

dragonfish mission:

To help ambitious brands measure, strengthen, embed and sustain high-performing cultures.

“Turning insights into actions”

  • Research & Insights

  • Diagnostics & Benchmarking (Bespoke and Lumin™ High Performing Culture reports) 

  • Culture investigation and corporate reporting


“Harnessing the links between culture and performance”

  • Culture and business transformation

  • Values, behaviours and ways of working

  • Culture change

  • Purpose, vision and strategy


“Bringing your culture to life in the everyday”

  • Board effectiveness reviews

  • Leadership development and coaching

  • Manager toolkits and enablement

  • Holistic PX (people experience) evolution


“Ensuring long-term success”

  • Culture onboarding and inductions

  • Culture leaders and networks

  • Customer centricity, connection and engagement programmes

  • Internal brand engagement


What makes our approach so effective?


Long-term partnerships

Diving deep into your organisation, to ensure we have the knowledge and insight to help shape your future culture journey, we pride ourselves in becoming a trusted advisor helping you reach your ambitions.


Research is in our DNA

Grounded in our own unique research, we use the most up-to-date insight on the links between people, brand and customers to ensure everything we do drives high-performance, results and demonstrates a real commercial difference.


A powerful combination

Our culture, people and diversity of experience is a winning combination that enables us to light the way and truly understand all the interlinking components of how to improve performance through culture.

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