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National House Building Council (NHBC)

Strengthening and evolving the NHBC culture.

The Challenge

NHBC, the National House Building Council, is a premier organisation shaping the UK's housing landscape since 1936. With over 1200 dedicated employees, NHBC leads in providing warranties and insurance for new homes, championing quality construction standards. Committed to excellence, NHBC safeguards homeowners and fosters best practices within the industry.

Dragonfish partnered with NHBC, the UK's leading warranty provider for new homes, over the 15 months to October 2023. 


NHBC recognised the need to strengthen its culture, align it with their goals, and improve organisational effectiveness. Therefore, dragonfish was tasked with strengthening the existing values framework and co-creating a compelling employee value proposition that would support current team members to feel valued and recognised and entice prospective employees to the company. 

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The Solution

We conducted in-depth research, examining the current strengths and aspirations within the values and behaviours and employee experience, co-developing a culture and EVP ambition. In order to ensure effective activation and embedding of these culture elements we also supported NHBC to create a live digital roadmap for implementation.

Dragonfish supported initial activation of the values framework through online learning, workshops and bespoke consultancy support, with NHBC leaders, culture champions and teams. 

To bring the NHBC People Promise to life in the everyday, dragonfish supported the development of a People Strategy framework, created an employee segmentation map for the harder to recruit areas of the organisation and produced bespoke narratives to be used in various recruitment and retention resources.

Throughout the course of the project, dragonfish also recognised a gap within culture and strategy alignment within NHBC. Thanks to the trusted relationship built with the Senior Leadership Team, dragonfish was able to facilitate the co-production of an inspiring and actionable vision statement that could sit alongside their well embedded purpose and drive their strategic ambitions.

Our Impact


In April 2023, NHBC successfully launched its new culture framework and EVP, with full support from the Board and Executive Committee. Utilising an existing event within the NHBC calendar, a country-wide roadshow was the setting for the launch. These events generated excitement around the strengthened culture and the future of NHBC, both from a visionary perspective and an employee experience perspective. The culture framework is now being actively embedded into day-to-day roles, processes and ways of working across the organisation.


As NHBC continues its culture transformation, they are building their culture leadership team and champion network and working hard to ensure culture alignment and commitment across the organisation.

"Through activation, my knowledge of the wider business has improved, as has my perception of the NHBC values and existing culture. I've learnt how to see things from different perspectives." 


Culture Champion


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