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The Crown Estate

 Developing managers to Lead Net Zero at The Crown Estate.

The Challenge

As the administer of over £15 billion of commercial real estate and holdings across the UK, the purpose of The Crown Estate is ‘to create lasting and shared prosperity for the nation’. 

As part of their public commitment to become net zero by 2050 and to realise their purpose, they’ve pledged to reduce their portfolio's energy expenditure, therefore operational carbon, by at least 10% which requires everyone within the organisation to play their part starting with a selected group of operational managers to join a Leading Net Zero manager development programme for their London Estate. 

The Solution

This was a pioneering project for dragonfish, aligning sustainability principles to a high performing culture so it was crucial we started by grounding the learning experience in The Crown Estates organisational purpose and the wider transformation agenda.

In order to better understand the needs of this new audience we immersed ourselves in the sustainability documentation of the organisation and conducted interviews with key stakeholders. We also carried out collaborative working sessions to build learning personas, explore the programme success criteria, barriers and enablers, so as to build a session that would have the most impact.

These activities enabled help shape a highly interactive and engaging programme, with creative theme options, film enhancements and individual and group activities. 

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“We are committed to investing to support our goal and pushing ourselves to work as hard and as fast as we can towards it, adjusting accordingly if we need to, as we better understand the opportunities and challenges further in the years ahead." 


Dan Labbad, CEO (Dec 2020)

The Crown Estate 

Our Impact


Throughout February and March 2024, our team delivered the initial roll out of Leading Net Zero, taking place in person within The Crown Estate’s training facility, with almost 100 Crown Estate colleagues joining this initial roll out of the programme. 

Each session concluded with individual commitments for how they would take action to  reduce the energy expenditure across the estate personally, through teams and by inspiring action via their customers. The next step is for dragonfish to upskill internal facilitators and expand the audience for the programme to other parts of the organisation.

‘I feel inspired by new ways of communicating, inspiring and driving change’ 

Session participant

‘Excellent work! It's really important to engage our colleagues with our collective focus on net zero’ 

- Session participant

If you'd like to understand this project or our approach in more detail,

email or call 023 8082 8505

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