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 A culture discovery to understand the culture today and strengthen the culture for the future.

The Challenge

KINTO - formerly Inchcape - was recently acquired by Toyota Financial Services. KINTO recognised several improvements were needed in their ways of working, and had already embarked on improvement projects. A major transformation programme was underway to overhaul their systems and processes to improve customer service. 


KINTO asked for our help to explore their current culture to uncover challenges and opportunities. Their specific aims were to: 


  • Strengthen overall employee experience and engagement

  • Optimise customer experience

  • Increase agility of the organisation during change 

  • Improve talent attraction and retention

  • Increase productivity 

  • Align their senior leadership team

"Dragonfish were very thorough and considered with their approach."

Maria Mackie, General HR Manager


The Solution


We provided: 

  • An objective view of cultural barriers and enablers, challenges and opportunities

  • Credible observations, insights and recommendations, backed up by data, to align stakeholders and support decision-making and accountability

  • A baseline and benchmark for their culture to be measured and tracked over time

  • A clear and tangible action plan, highlighting quick wins as well as longer-term initiatives that will have an impact

We used several techniques to understand the current culture at KINTO. These included an all-staff survey that received an above-average 71% response rate. We asked key questions to uncover the organisational brand, customer, and people alignment. We asked key questions against brand, customer and people alignment. Using our proprietary 4.0 research, we benchmarked the results against similar industry responses, similar size organisations and the top 20% of high-performing organisations.  This enabled senior stakeholders to see where the strengths and opportunities were for improving their company culture. 

We held several senior leadership interviews and focus groups with the wider employee base to dig more deeply into some of the insights uncovered.  


As outputs, we provided a culture exploration report and dashboard. We shared the strengths to celebrate, and the key opportunities that would support the weaker elements of the current culture. We ran an “action planning” workshop with senior leaders to explore what initiatives should be taken and how they could drive those opportunities. 

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The Impact


Our report provided KINTO with a baseline against which they can measure future culture-related initiatives.  Subsequent engagement with senior stakeholders has also helped increase awareness of KINTO culture today and has unlocked conversations around priority areas that need attention.

If you'd like to understand this project or our approach in more detail,

email or call 023 8082 8505

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