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Drive Your Cultural Transformaton with an Evidence Based Approach

We partner with organisations on transformation journeys - unlocking and strengthening the links between your people, organisation, customers and stakeholders. We make the complex simple and ensure genuine behavioural change to enable long-term sustainable transformation.

"dragonfish really connected with the strengths and realities of our organisation, helping us to evolve our purpose and culture and put people and customers at the heart of our transformation."

Kevin Green, Chief People Officer, First Bus

Are you ready to drive meaningful change in your organisation?

Discover the power of cultural transformation with dragonfish and how we ensure sustainable success:
  • Evidence based approach: Use our research-driven strategies to guide your culture transformation.
  • Behaviour change: Achieve genuine and lasting change with our tailored methods.
  • Comprehensive Partnerships: From strategy to execution and beyond, we work alongside you every step of the way.

What we do


Turning insights into actions


Harnessing links between culture and performance

- Research & Insights
- Diagnostics &  Benchmarking (Bespoke and Lumin™ High Performing Culture reports) 
- Culture investigation and corporate reporting

- Culture and business transformation
- Values, behaviours and ways of working
- Culture change
- Purpose, vision and strategy



Bringing your culture to life in the everyday
Ensuring long-term success

- Board effectiveness reviews
- Leadership development and coaching
- Manager toolkits and enablement
- Holistic PX (people experience) evolution

- Culture onboarding and inductions
- Culture leaders and networks
- Customer-centricity, connection and engagement programmes
- Internal brand engagement

Who we work with

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Contact us today to learn how we can partner with you to support your transformation needs. 

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