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Developing and embedding purpose and values

Carnival UK


Survey score out of 10 for 'know what the Carnival UK purpose is' question


Improvement in employee net promoter score within 4 months


Survey score out of 10 for 'feel a connection to our purpose' question

The challenge

To grow and retain its position in an increasingly competitive trade and labour market.

Cruises occupy just 3% of the holiday market annually, this presents a great opportunity for Carnival UK to compete and grow in this wider holiday market. Key to successfully delivering this ambition is developing an employer brand that communicates Carnival UK’s identity to support attraction and recruitment, talent mobility, collaboration and strategic growth in the future. 

The solution



Engaged with a wide range of stakeholders across the group to gain a deeper understanding of the culture at Carnival UK and its brands.

Helped define the core purpose and values by thoroughly assessing the desired cultural shift needed at Carnival UK and working through our best practice approach to vision, purpose, and values development.


Developed and designed a bespoke one-page framework to communicate the purpose, values and KPIs along with a supporting narrative to provide clarity for employees.


Supported Carnival UK with creating a playbook for employees. This included:

– The rationale for the cultural shift

– The one-page framework

– New core values and descriptions 

– Example behaviours to help bring this to life every day

– Ideas for the launch presentation


To ensure the new purpose and values were embedded fully within the organisation following the launch, we:

– Developed a high-level engagement roadmap.

– Facilitated a workshop with key stakeholders to identify their role in bringing the purpose and values to life.

– Designed a manager toolkit to guide team leaders on how to facilitate conversations with their teams about behaviours that bring the purpose and values to life. This incorporated a facilitation guide and a poster to capture and share outcomes.

If you'd like to understand this project or our approach in more detail,

email or call 023 8082 8505

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