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Global integrated logistics company

Redesigning the Global Onboarding Experience for Culture-first approach. 

The Challenge

Our global integrated logistics client has subsidiaries and offices across 130 countries and over 80,000 employees worldwide.


As a sector leader, they recognised that their global onboarding process for new starters - across both their Operational and Head Office-based employees - could work harder to:


  • Strengthen engagement and reduce attrition rates in first-year of employment 

  • Elevate the onboarding experience for all new joiners, creating a global standard across the organisation

  • Simplify the onboarding experience for people managers

  • Enable technology to enhance the onboarding experience for face-to-face and virtual interactions

  • Create a transparent approach to the completion of onboarding new starters. 


Due to the global complexity of the organisation, the solution required the onboarding experience to be flexible, locally relevant and relatable.

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The Solution


Working with our strategic associates LACE Partners (a leading HR and Payroll transformation consultancy), our role was to provide expertise on culture, customer insights, and learning design.

Through this partnership, we co-designed an onboarding journey to connect new starters and their experience to our client’s culture and customers, intending to drive a better understanding of the business and the brand at this crucial phase in the employee journey.

The next part of our solution was to deploy a collaborative, data and design-led two-phase approach, working with multiple stakeholders, to create two 3-hour ‘virtual learning experiences’ hosted across their main regions. 

Both experiences aimed to be clear and motivational to show new starters how to bring values and behaviours to life through their day-to-day interactions. In addition, to instill a sense of pride about the organisation they’ve joined and build an understanding of how each new starter fits into the organisation's bigger picture. It also supported alignment on customer understanding, and what it means to be customer-centric.

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The Impact


We contributed to the business case for key stakeholders to demonstrate the value and impact of a revitalised onboarding programme to support a new global standard. 


We mapped out a ‘confidence to competence’ matrix to demonstrate why and how the recommendations we were making would solve their challenges and simplify the role of people managers.


We collaborated on the design and implementation of tech-enabled supporting tools to embed learning from the virtual experiences and support the wider onboarding programme.

If you'd like to understand this project or our approach in more detail,

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