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Research is in our DNA


LUMIN - a dragonfish-powered Culture Insight & Action Tool
Find out more on how our brand new Culture Tool can help you transform performance in your organisation and contact us.

The details submitted via this email link will only be stored and processed by Dragonfish Consulting Ltd to respond to your enquiry regarding the Lumin Culture, Insight & Action Tool. For more information on how we use your data, please view our Privacy Policy.

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Culture is the key to unlocking a more successful future


Understanding your culture is essential for:

  • Implementing a new strategy or way of working

  • Restructuring or embarking on a merger or acquisition

  • Strengthening your brand reputation or creating internal alignment

  • Achieving ambitions focused on fast growth or scaling up

  • Improving productivity, driving innovation or overall organisational effectiveness

  • Attracting and retaining talent, and in turn, improving client satisfaction and retention


Lumin is here to help you measure, track, and understand your culture more fully; solve your performance problems for today and tomorrow.

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