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Two months down at dragonfish and what a journey it’s been!

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

We’ve interviewed one of our new starters, Lilia Bitouche. With a background in digital and social content she brings a new, and slightly different, perspective to the team. We’ve asked her why she chose dragonfish and what she thinks about our culture – the culture of a culture change consultancy!

What first attracted you to dragonfish?

Easy- the clients dragonfish partner with. It didn’t take me long to recognise the calibre of their portfolio and the awards they’ve won. When you have the likes of Fitness First, Ann Summers, O2, National Trust and Cunard wanting to work with you, it’s hard not to want to be part of that!

What’s the culture at dragonfish like?

Before I started working here, culture was something I too easily overlooked in my job search. Let’s just say there were other things higher up on my list. The difference for me, between previous companies I’ve worked for and my experience so far at dragonfish, is being part of a team that have values and, most importantly, live them. All the culture observations I’ve made so far, have so obviously come from the five values. We actually practice what we preach, and I think that’s what makes the culture so special - it’s done so effortlessly.

The words, appreciation, support and team immediately spring to mind – things I’d never realised I was missing. Hearing ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’ immediately gave me confidence. This is what a positive culture, looks/sounds/feels like. And it’s so important to achieve your best work!

What do the dragonfish values mean to you?

Our purpose and values are at the core of everything we do - in my short time, I can honestly say, I have seen the values lived by the team each and every day. It’s easy to stick big posters up on the walls, but to actually put real practical meaning behind them, well that’s something else and it’s something I’d never witnessed before. We have a room dedicated to ‘thinking out loud’ as well as daily huddles where, as a team, we come together to offer support and ask questions. We manage how we work, where we work and when we work, we’re allowed to be our own boss and tackle any problems or potential problems as a team. We also have a ‘codebreaker of the month’ which highlights and rewards the team member who has made the biggest impact that month through living out our values:

Know your impact. Results are what matter. The difference we make is the reason we’re here. Let’s make it something to be proud of.

Never stop learning. The world moves fast. We have to keep learning if we want to stay experts.

Think out loud. Ideas come from anyone. We all spend a lot of time at work, we should all play our part in shaping it.

Be bold. Life’s short. There’s a hell of a lot to do. So our goals might as well be big, hairy, audacious ones.

Be your own boss. You know where, when and how you work best. And what you need from other to deliver. You are in Charge.

What makes you proud to work as part of the dragonfish team?

Aside from the great clients and the outstanding work; I’m most proud of the hardworking team – the people I spend eight hours a day with. Who are all special and knowledgeable in their own way, from customer and brand strategy to organisational psychology and hands-on change management experience. Everyone has something different to offer, share and teach (and are all willing to do so!).

The fact that already, two months in, I have been made to feel so welcome, valued and a part of the team, has boosted my confidence in my own ability, created a happier me, resulting in me performing to the best of my ability.

Lilia Bitouche, Project Co-ordinator and Tina Hennessey, Connections Director

What are you most looking forward?

I’m excited about my future here at dragonfish, with a great team around me and amazing L&D opportunities at my fingertips, I genuinely believe that the skies the limit when it comes to not only my own career development but the business development of the company. Ultimately, I guess the main goal, looking forward, would be to achieve our vision of becoming the most effective culture consultancy in the UK and, for me, being able to look back and know that I played my part in that.