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intuo Partnership: Improving culture and shaping performance conversations

We asked our newest partners, intuo, to introduce themselves and explain why this partnership is something we are both very excited about!

In recent years, business environments are evolving faster than ever before: Digital disruption, generational differences in the workplace and the war for talent are just a few of the challenges organisations are facing.

Many of them are relying on external parties to tackle these hurdles, and the work that dragonfish Consulting does in this regard caught our eye early on. By designing company cultures rooted in well-defined behaviours, signposted by great values, they are able to drive performance of individual employees and organisations as a whole. This complements our intuo talent enablement platform which, according to dragonfish, embeds and promotes everyday ongoing conversations about behaviours that drive positive performance outcomes. From now on, we will leverage this alignment to help each others clients prepare for the obstacles ahead!

Intuo’s cloud solution revamps traditional performance management as we know it. Instead of yearly objectives and appraisals that are just a tick-box exercise, our platform enables regular, guided check-ins between managers and employees. These one-on-one conversations are based on 360° feedback and transparent near-term objectives. This agile way of performance coaching is integrated with regular pulse surveys to measure and act upon real-time employee engagement, and a learning platform to make onboarding and individual training efficient and effective.

The task of transitioning towards a new performance management approach can seem daunting because of its connection with other processes such as remuneration, career and succession planning, leadership programs etc., which all have a crucial impact on company culture and employee experience. This is where this special partnership will benefit our clients: dragonfish’s knowledge of culture design and employee experience, combined with our experience of enabling talent to thrive, allows us to build an easy, step-by-step roadmap to future-proof talent strategies for our clients.

Hop over to intuo.io to learn more about our talent enablement solution, or contact the dragonfish Consultants at hello@dragonfishuk.com or jan@intuo.io to talk about your talent priorities!

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